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Last week I met this cutie about a block from my home. She looks so much like my baby girls Speckles and Lily 😍

She had a collar on and always hung out at the same block of apartments 🏡 It was likely she had a home, but, she was so skinny! I could feel her spine when I patted her. I have been feeding her all last week. I decided to go on an adventure on Friday by catnapping her for a vet visit.

Boo at the vet

It turned out her name is Boo and she is 15 years old!  She is microchipped and desexed. She had fleas, bad teeth and possibly hyperthyroidism (which would explain why she is thin).  The vet gave her flea treatment and reviewed her general health. The vet didn’t want to do any invasive procedures without owner consent.

Boo and I went back to where she had been hanging out.  After a few door knocks I found the owner.  The owner was an older lady who has TWO tortie girls (a reflection of my future self?!).  The owner was nice and said she takes care of the cat, which I believe is true.  She admitted that she sometimes skips the monthly flea treatment – obviously not a good idea.

I told her that I took Boo to the vet, and the Boo needs some dental work. I told her about the fleas and the importance of monthly flea treatment.  She was appreciative of the information.  We spoke for a while about both of our cats.

I suggested she take Boo and her other cat to the vet again.  She said that she will.  I left my phone number and said she can contact me about the cats in future.

I have no doubt I will see the cats again during my evening walks.  I am glad to know that Boo has a human and a place to call home.  I will still give treats and cuddles on my way.  I hope Boo gets the treatments she is desperately in need.

Please take care of your pets.  They depend on us to do right by them.



Dear Rocko (part 2 of 2)

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Dear Rocko,


I am sorry I took a while before getting on to part 2 of my letter to you. You know why it took this time, but I better explain it to our readers.

On September 4th I accidentally opened the garage door without realising you were in there. You freaked out and bolted out. I didn’t even see you. I spent an entire day searching for you inside the house without even realising you had escaped the house via the garage door.

When I finally realise what had happened, I was devastated. I thought that was it. I thought I’d never see you again. But I didn’t want to give up so easily. See I knew you a little more than you give me credit for. So I kept leaving food out for you every night. Surprise surprise they were eaten by the morning. But was it you? I couldn’t be sure.

Then I was racking my brains out as to what to do. I mean were you near by or had you gone wondering far? Ah I had crazy ideas, I nearly bought a $600 video camera to confirm if you were the one eating the foods.

But then a better idea occurred. I dropped some leaflets into our neighbours with your picture asking if they have seen you. I wasn’t expecting anything, but alas I got 2 leads! You were still in our unit complex. The word was that you were living under our neighbours deck. I was relieved to know that you had some form of shelter. But seriously, it wasn’t comfy as our soft cushiony beds now was it? 😜

Nevertheless, knowing where you were was good. I knew I had to lure you back with noms. And you know what, I DID! Remember, 2 weeks after you left the house you wondered right back inside. I guess you knew your house 🏡

Anyway, I just want to let you know Rocko, that I love you very much and I am glad you are home. I want to say that I love you and care about you very much. I  wish you weren’t so scared of me. I have nothing my love for you. I will take care of you. I will give you lots of noms, comfy beds and lots of love. So please don’t run away when I want to give you a hug. But I understand why you run away. You haven’t had good experience with humans. But I am hear to show you that not all humans are bad. I am a good one. I care for you.

There is no pressure, we will go at your pace (and I know you are improving because I can reach for little head pats now). I have faith that we will get there. But in the mean time you have your dotting Speckles 😻

Your forever human ❌ ⭕️ ❌ ⭕️