Dear Rocko (part 2 of 2)

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Dear Rocko,


I am sorry I took a while before getting on to part 2 of my letter to you. You know why it took this time, but I better explain it to our readers.

On September 4th I accidentally opened the garage door without realising you were in there. You freaked out and bolted out. I didn’t even see you. I spent an entire day searching for you inside the house without even realising you had escaped the house via the garage door.

When I finally realise what had happened, I was devastated. I thought that was it. I thought I’d never see you again. But I didn’t want to give up so easily. See I knew you a little more than you give me credit for. So I kept leaving food out for you every night. Surprise surprise they were eaten by the morning. But was it you? I couldn’t be sure.

Then I was racking my brains out as to what to do. I mean were you near by or had you gone wondering far? Ah I had crazy ideas, I nearly bought a $600 video camera to confirm if you were the one eating the foods.

But then a better idea occurred. I dropped some leaflets into our neighbours with your picture asking if they have seen you. I wasn’t expecting anything, but alas I got 2 leads! You were still in our unit complex. The word was that you were living under our neighbours deck. I was relieved to know that you had some form of shelter. But seriously, it wasn’t comfy as our soft cushiony beds now was it? 😜

Nevertheless, knowing where you were was good. I knew I had to lure you back with noms. And you know what, I DID! Remember, 2 weeks after you left the house you wondered right back inside. I guess you knew your house 🏡

Anyway, I just want to let you know Rocko, that I love you very much and I am glad you are home. I want to say that I love you and care about you very much. I  wish you weren’t so scared of me. I have nothing my love for you. I will take care of you. I will give you lots of noms, comfy beds and lots of love. So please don’t run away when I want to give you a hug. But I understand why you run away. You haven’t had good experience with humans. But I am hear to show you that not all humans are bad. I am a good one. I care for you.

There is no pressure, we will go at your pace (and I know you are improving because I can reach for little head pats now). I have faith that we will get there. But in the mean time you have your dotting Speckles 😻

Your forever human ❌ ⭕️ ❌ ⭕️







One thought on “Dear Rocko (part 2 of 2)

    Peter Schreiner said:
    September 28, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    I’m glad it’s coming around for you and Rocko. 🙂


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