Holly’s Story

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Meet Holly, a six-and-a-half year lady hen. This is her story.

Holly’s first 18 months of life was less than ideal. Born to the intensive egg industry she was doomed to a life in a cage that was barely bigger than a sheet of A4 paper. She could hardly move, let alone spread her wings. At the tender age of 18 months she was facing an untimely death because the egg industry considers that the ladies are ‘spent’ by the mere age of 18 months. This is like 12 human years!

While most hens are killed so young, some are lucky enough to find kindness and ‘forever homes’. Holly is one of those lucky ones because she found her way to some kind humans and found a new forever home.

Holly’s new humans didn’t think she’d live past 3 years of age. Against all odds Holly is still kicking and thriving at the age of over 6 years.

You see, hens like Holly can actually live up to 10 years, but the egg industry overloads their little bodies so much that most don’t live past half their natural life span. Not Holly though. Holly doesn’t lay eggs and hasn’t for years. Her body is just not equipped for that anymore. This is a blessing in disguise because we think this has actually helped saved her life by retaining the much needed calcium and other nutrients within her fragile body. You can see that Holly has now grown into a beautiful lady.

It is quite easy to see that Holly is not any different to your average companion animals like kitties and doggies. She is very social and quite intelligent. Holly, like all hens, displays a range of emotions just like humans. Holly was best friends with Frannie, another rescued hen. The two were inseparable. When Frannie passed away, oh boy did Holly mourn! Holly refused to be part of the flock for quite some time. Eventually she accepted the loss and befriended some of the others.

Holly loves food. Well actually, one particular food: grapes. Holly’s humans say “red grapes are her favourite, though she will do white if she must”. Below is a photo of Holly eating a grape.

Holly eating a grape

Once you meet hens like Holly you will wonder how you ever ate chicken or supported the egg industry. But don’t worry, you can still have chicken for dinner; just not in the way everybody else thinks 😉

Picture Credit: Evolve Campaign

Visit the Animal Liberation Queensland website or Animals Australia to learn more about factory farming and the battery hens and find out how you can help girls like Holly.





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