Dear Rocko (part 1 of 2)

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Dear Rocko,

I hope you are settling in well. I remember when I first saw your family in the January of 2015. I noticed little Felix first. He was dragging one of his back feet. Of course at the time I didn’t know he was a he. I cried that night, and again the next night. I wanted to help you all but you were so scared of me. I kept coming back every night that first week to check up on you guys. It wasn’t a safe neighbourhood either. I remember one night when someone smashed the window of a neighbour’s vehicle and people were being chased down the road. I was hiding in my car praying for my safety.

I wanted you all to come with me. I got you and two of the other young boys. I nearly had your mum, but alas she was too quick and escaped my trap. I came to your house every evening for nearly a month. Do you remember? I brought cans of tuna and treats to entice you. Did it work? I think something did, because here you are.

I know one of the other youngsters went to the pound. The human who was feeding you took him or her. I hope he/she was rehomed. He/she was young. Adjusting is easy when you are young, right? Is that why it is so hard for you? You are just not that young.

I was very happy when the human who was feeding you caught Felix. Of course he wasn’t named Felix then. I, with the help of another rescue volunteer, took Felix to the Emergency Vet Clinic. It was a Friday night and there was nothing I’d rather have done than save that little life. It was at the Emergency Vet we found out that Felix was a boy. A brave little boy. The vet said he was fighting septicaemia and immediate amputation was required for any hope of saving his life. Even then, the vet said, it was a 50-50 survival chance. I couldn’t say no. So we took the chance and little Felix went into surgery.

Felix, just after surgery Jan 2015

I was clinging to my phone the whole next day. I kept calling the vet asking for updates. The surgery was successful. Felix the tripod survived his amputation surgery. After 10 days at the Emergency Vet and a few thousand dollars later, Felix was winning the hearts of all the vet staff. So much so that one of the vet nurses decided to be his forever human. I was very happy. Are you Rocko?

Felix, a few days after surgery Jan 2015

I can’t remember if you were with me or not during that time. I think you were. I think you were the first to come home with me. Then Felix and then Sherlock. Sherlock was fostered by another lady whose family ended up adopting Sherlock. It didn’t take much for Felix and Sherlock to warm up to humans. I guess they were young.

You didn’t warm to up me much. I can understand. I took you from your family. I cried thinking about that. I wanted to take you back. I saw the distress in your eyes. You lived in my spare room for nearly a year. I had to keep you there because I couldn’t take you to the vet. I needed to make sure you were healthy before I introduced you to the girls. I wanted to desex you, it calmed you down. I called so many people for help, but nobody helped, until this one couple.

Well it was really the man. I don’t know how he did it but he got you into your carrier. I heard lots of noises that evening, what were you doing? You were fighting the man. What did you think he was going to do to you? We just wanted you to get into the carrier and go see the vet. I am sorry you had to stay in the carrier all night. I didn’t know what else to do. But it wasn’t so bad was it? You see Rocko, I do all I do and have done all I have done because I love you. I want to give you a healthy, stress free life. I hope one day you will understand.

The next day you went to the vet. I know you were sleeping most of the time you were at the vet. You had to so the vet could examine you. I know we took your boy bits out, but trust me it was for your own good. You don’t want any more children do you?

Well the vet said you are one healthy boy! I was very glad! I am sure you were too because you finally got to come out of that room and you met the girls Lily and Speckles.

To be Continued…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Rocko (part 1 of 2)

    Peter Schreiner said:
    September 2, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    A lovely, sad, happy tale. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to part two.


      Vegan_Charms responded:
      September 28, 2016 at 8:11 pm

      Hey it took me a while to do part 2 of 2 because somethings happen in between this post and my new post (Dear Rocko part 2 of 2), but it is up now. I think it took a slightly different tangent due to what happened over the past 2 weeks. Don’t worry it’s a happy ending now ❤ 🙂

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